Call it Courage
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Call it Courage
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The book Call it Courage takes place on Hikueru, an island atoll in French Polynesia. Today you are going to learn more about this small island by exploring its land, plants, animals, and author.

Activity 1
Let’s take a look at the atoll.

  1. Double click on the Google Earth icon on the desktop. Type “Atoll Hikueru, French Polynesia.” Explore the Atoll using Google Earth From looking at the island with Google Earth, what are your impressions of the atoll?
  2. List three facts about the atoll you learned from the Wikipedia article on Google Earth.

  3. According to the website Gemsto nes, what rare gemstone is found on Hikueru? What creature does it come from?
  4. Visit this Tourism site to look at pictures of different French Polynesian islands. Copy and paste your two favorite pictures from the website here.
  5. According to the IRD website, what happened to Hikueru in 1903? Do people still live there today?

Activity 2
Let’s look at the sea creatures that live in French Polynesia.
For each sea creature post a description and a picture. Use Britannica Online or Grolier only.

  1. Sea Urchin

  1. Flying Fish

  1. Albatross

  1. Sword Fish

  1. Sand Tiger Shark

  1. Bonitos

Activity 3
Let’s look at the plants that live in French Polynesia.
For each plant post a description and a picture. Use Britannica Online or Grolier only.

  1. Breadfruit

  1. Coconut Palm (also called Green Drinking Nut in the novel)

  1. Plantain

  1. Mango

Now visit the IRD website to look at plants that live in coral reefs like the one surrounding Hikueru. Copy and paste your favorite two pictures here.

Activity 4
Let’s learn about the mythology in the book.

The sea was very important to the people of Polynesia. Throughout the book, there is reference to two gods in the Polynesian belief:

Moana: the sea god

Maui: god of the fishermen

  1. Now read the following poem about Moana to discover why the sea is so important to the people of Polynesia.

O My Moana!
¹You unite us under your greatness, depth and mystery
²You hold us all under the palm of your mighty hands
³You are my means of communication
You let me ride on your back to safety
You satisfy my hunger with your infinite resources
6You so unite us that we cannot live without you
Your majesty and beauty are beyond compare
O my Moana, we all belong to you . . .

  1. Explain line 3 of the poem:
  2. Explain line 5 of the poem:
  3. Explain line 6 of the poem:

Activity 5
Let’s look at a Polynesian War Canoe
  1. What was the purpose of the high platform on the war canoe?
  2. Visit this site and copy and paste three pictures of war canoes.

Activity 6
Let’s get to know the author.
1. Click here to find out what happened to Armstrong Sperry in 1925 that may have inspired the book Call it Courage. Explain in your own words where Sperry spent the year and the events that happened to him.

2. Click here to see how Sperry’s grandfather inspired him to be a writer. Explain in your words how Sperry’s grandfather inspired him to write adventure stories about islands.

3.The Newbery Medal is the biggest honor a young adult author can receive. Explain what the Newbery Medal is and how a book is selected. When did Call it Courage win the Newbery Medal?